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Baracoa is a quiet, historic, provincial town worth visiting by anyone who enjoys walking around the streets for a feel of Cuban identity.

Baracoa is a quiet, historic, provincial town which sits on a bay with a beach and is surrounded by hills. It is worth visiting by anyone who enjoys walking around the streets for a feel of Cuban identity. This is where Christopher Colombus landed on the 15th August 1511 on his first voyage to the Americas, and the city was founded by the conquistador Diego Velasquez de Cuellar, the first governor of Cuba who also made it the first capital. The main products in the region are bananas, coconut and cacao.

The town has three historic forts: to the east is Fuerte Matachin built in 1802 which has a house and a museum; to the west there is Fuerte La Punta, built in 1803, and El Castillo which has a commanding view above the whole city and bay, which is now the Hotel El Castillo. Visit also the Cathedral Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion, the central square, Parque Independencia and the local music venues.

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