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Antigua, Lake Atitlan, Panajachel, Chichicastenango, Guatemala City, Quirigua, Copan, Livingston,Tikal, Aguateca, Petexbatun, markets, weavings, Mayan Pyramids.

Market days

Wonderful markets to explore, watch local people and Maya life:


San Juan Atitán; Zunil.


Chajul; Comalapa; Olintepeque; Sololá; Totonicapán.


Almolonga; Colotenango; Cotzal; Momostenango; Sacapulas.


Aguacatán; Chichicastenango; Jacaltenango; Nebaj; Panajachel; Sacapulas; San Juan Atitán; San Mateo Ixtatán; San Rafael La Independencia; Soloma; Tajumulco; Uspantán; Zacualpa.


Chajul; San Francisco el Alto; San Martín; Santiago Atitlán; Sololá.


Almolonga; Cotzal; Todos Santos Cuchumatán; Totonicapán.


Aguacatán; Chichicastenango; Jacaltenango; Joyabaj; Momostenango; Nahualá; Nebaj; Ostuncalco; Panajachel; Sacapulas; San Juan Comalapa; San Martín Jilotepeque; San Mateo Ixtatán; Santa Eulalia; Soloma; Uspantán; Zacualpa.

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan

Surrounded by Volcanoes, Lake Atitlan is the most enchanting lake in Guatemala. Small Mayan villages, each with its own personality and own language, surround the lake.

Tikal Site


Nestled among the tropical rainforests Tikal is one of the largest archaeological sites and urban centers of the pre-Columbian Maya civilization.



Antigua has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and may be the most outstanding and best-preserved colonial city in Central America.



Chichicastenango is the most famous market in Guatemala, where vendors sell handicrafts, food, flowers, pottery, medicinal plants and much more.

Guatemala Ciudad

Guatemala City

Guatemala City is the largest city in Central America, lying on top of the ancient city of Kaminaljuyu, which was occupied for about 2000 years from 1000BC, before being abandoned.


Aguateca & El Ceibal

Hidden deep in the Guatemalan jungle are these two remote Mayan archaeological sites, offering wonderfully maintained ruins.


Quirigua & Copan

Just over the border in neighbouring Honduras, Copán is another magnificent Mayan archaeological site, in fact it was one of the most important and prosperous centres of the empire.


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