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Image for: 8189 Where To See Penguins In The Wild

Where to see penguins in the wild

Want to see penguins in the wild? Well South America is home to the Humboldt, Magellanic, Rockhopper, Gentoo, King and Galapagos varieties - learn where to see each with our short guide.

Image for: 8162 Top Things To See And Do In Ecuador

7 Top things to see and do in Ecuador

Discover the best places to visit in Ecuador, from tropical rainforests and Andean cities to volcanic landscapes and the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands.

Image for: 8160 Galapagos Islands 7 Frequently Asked Questions

Galapagos Islands - 7 frequently asked questions

Interested in visiting the Galapagos Islands and looking for more information? Get the lowdown with answers to seven of the most frequently asked questions about the archipelago.

Image for: 8080 Darwin & The Galapagos Islands

Darwin & the Galapagos Islands

Learn about Charles Darwin's famed visit to the archipelago and how his legacy continues to play an integral part in the Galapagos today.

Image for: 8078 When To Visit The Galapagos Islands

When to visit the Galapagos Islands

There's always something special to see within the archipelago. Discover some of the natural highlights of the Galapagos, throughout the calendar year.

Image for: 8077 Visiting The Galapagos: What To Expect

Visiting the Galapagos: what to expect

Some of the things you can expect when visiting the Galapagos and how to find the right boat for you.

Image for: 8064 Rio Carnival 2019 Plan Your Visit

Rio Carnival 2019 - Plan your visit

Discover everything you need to know about the Rio Carnival 2019 and how you can experience the world's biggest party yourself.

Image for: 7934 Costa Rica Off The Beaten Track

Costa Rica - Off the beaten track

Discover the best places in Costa Rica to immerse yourself in nature away from the crowds.

Image for: 7920 Latin Americas Ancient Civilisations: Incas

Latin America's ancient civilisations: Incas

Our series focusing on the ancient civilisations of Latin America continues with the vast Inca empire and the heritage they left behind.

Image for: 7907 Latin Americas Ancient Civilisations: Mayans

Latin America's ancient civilisations: Mayans

In the first of the series, we delve into the past to discover the ancient civilisations of Latin America, starting with the mighty Mayans.

Image for: 7851 Where To See Condors In South America

Where to see Condors in South America

Wondering where to see condors? Find out five of the best places in South America to see the majestic birds soaring at close quarters and how to make it happen with Veloso Tours.

Image for: 7759 Alternative Honeymoons: 10 Of The Best

Alternative honeymoons: 10 of the best

We present some of our favourite places for alternative honeymoons or special anniversary celebrations in South and Central America.

Image for: 7521 Top Things To Do And See In Brazil

Top things to do and see in Brazil

Discover the top things to do and see in Brazil. Read our guide about the best beaches & natural landmarks in South America’s biggest country.

Image for: 7482 Walks And Treks In The Sacred Valley

Walks and Treks in the Sacred Valley

Our guide to the best day walks and longer treks in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Image for: 7464 Watching Football At The Maracanã

Watching football at the Maracanã

As the Maracanã faces an uncertain future, we recall our visit during happier times to experience one of the world's most iconic football stadiums.