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Visit a favourite feeding ground of wild peccaries to see these rainforest pigs up close.

Clay licks are not the sole preserve of colourful macaws and parrots. Mammals are also known to frequent these, including deer, tapir and peccaries - wild rainforest pigs. The latter are particularly fond of a clay lick located a twenty minute walk from Refugio Amazonas, where they come in twenty-strong herds to snack on the clay in the late morning. As part of a visit during your stay with Refugios Amazonas, you can also take part in the Wired Amazon project, setting up your own camera trap with the help of their experts, in the hopes of catching some lesser-spotted wildlife in action, perhaps even the elusive jaguar!

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What to do in the Peruvian Amazon

Macaw & Parrot Clay Licks

Watch in awe as a sea of colour descends on the mineral-rich clay licks of the Tambopata Reserve.

Amazon Nature Trails

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Ese-eja Community Visit

Guests at the Posada Amazonas can engage with the local community to learn about their history and way of life.