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One of the most famous football players in history, Diego Maradona is also one of the most controversial. At the age of 8, Francisco Cornejo 'discovered' this supremely talented young boy and there are many stories and myths told about his formative years. In this specially designed tour we reconstruct aspects of his life, not in a chronological way, but in talks that will reveal to you his true story, sometimes hidden or distorted.

It is a walk through the places where he started to play as "cebollita" in the Saavedra Park, through to the Argentinos Juniors Club, and the places where he lived in the Villa Devoto and Villa del Parque neighbourhoods and the bars where he met with his friends. Of course, we finish with his beloved club and the country's most famous team; Boca Juniors.

The whole tour is enriched with some of the best-known songs that dozens of singers dedicated to him, as well as the story of his most important goals throughout his professional career.

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