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A vast island in the shadow of Borneo, with a mountainous interior, stunning coastline with coral reefs and the starting point for a cruise to Raja Ampat National Park.

Sulawesi, with a population of 15 million inhabitants, is located east of Borneo in the centre of the Indonesian archipelago. The capital is Makassar, offering some interesting Dutch colonial history with 2 museums and a former fort. 

The interior of the island is very mountainous, with dense jungle where much wildlife and birdlife thrives. Trekking is very popular, on which you can meet local Toaja highlanders and observe the Maleo bird that is endemic to Sulawesi.

The island’s coral reefs are a magnet for divers and there are a wide range of sites to choose from. 

Bitung, North Sulawesi is the joining point for Seatrek cruises that travel to Raja Ampat National Park.

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