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Chile's Hiking trails reveal chiseled peaks, sparkling lakes, snow-capped volcanoes and temperate forests.

Chile is a wonderful place to lace up your walking boots and immerse yourself in the splendour of its Patagonian landscapes.

In the south of Patagonia is the Torres del Paine national park, perhaps the continent's premier hiking destination, where trails of varying degrees of length. These lead to viewpoints of snow-capped Andean peaks, glistening turquoise lagoons and the immense Glacier Grey. Glorious views abound and turn down the right path and the park's wildlife might come into view; wandering guanacos, soaring condors or even the reclusive puma.These can be undertaken on day hikes, or as part of the challenging 5 day 'W' trek, for experienced and enthusiastic hikers with good stamina. It is also possible to horse ride along a number of well established routes, for those who might like to weave in some exploring at a gentler pace. Torres del Paine combines particularly well with the Skorpios III cruises to explore some of the region's more remote glaciers on a three night expedition cruise.

Further north we find the popular Lake District, a region of not just attractive blue lakes, but also verdant conical snow-capped volcanoes and verdant native forests harbouring an abundance of endemic bird life, trees and flora. Guided hikes will introduce you to the splendour of the multi-layered and complex forests, whilst both natural and man-made hot springs will sooth your limbs at the end of the walk. You might also choose to explore the Lake District by bike, perhaps reaching the iconic viewpoint of Pertrohue Waterfalls and the Osorno Volcano.

Just outside Santiago are a number of parks in which to enjoy some hikes in various environments. We can find contrasting natural features such as snow-covered Andean peaks and a remote glacier and lush palm trees and isolated waterfalls.

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Suggestions & Recommendations

Happy days in the wilderness

Patagonia and Torres del Paine

Hike below the granite peaks of this prestigious national park

9395 Base Torres Trek

Base Torres Trek

9399 Sendero De Los Lagos

Sendero de los Lagos

9405 Hike Or Horse To Los Cuernos

Hike to Los Cuernos

Carretera Australe

Puerto Varas & Lake District

Survey the shimmering lakes in the Switzerland of the south

Central temperate lake region with lush forests

Volcano & Waterfalls by bike

Vira Vira Region

Pucón & Lake District

Mountain town on the shore of Lake Villarica in the heart of the Lake District

9042 Huerquehue & Hot Springs

Huerquehue & Hot Springs

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Santiago de Chile

Explore a modern metropolis then escape to sun-kissed vineyards

8542 Hiking In La Campana National Park

Hiking In La Campana National Park

8543 Hiking In Yerba Loca Park

Hiking In Yerba Loca Park

Cajon Del Maipo Valleys

Cajon Del Maipo


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